tajda-the-monster:     | As long as my girlfriend is happy I’m happy. I will support her everywhere.            ~ Justin Bieber ~
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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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tajda-the-monster:     | SWAG(She wants a gentlemen)
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tajda-the-monster:     | “The best thing about waking up is knowing… you have another cup of coffee to enjoy!” ☕️👌
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tajda-the-monster:     | I’m about to drive to the ocean I’m try to swim from something bigger than me kick off my shoes and swim good.                       SWIM GOOD
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tajda-the-monster:    | YES, I am crazy.
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tajda-the-monster:    | If you never try, you’ll never know;)!
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tajda-the-monster:    | BE THE PERSON YOUR  DOG THINKS YOU ARE. 🐶!
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